Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Volunteering at Lubuto Library- Rosa Dabulu

As required by KF, every student is to do community service during their year after secondary school, or “Gap Year.” I have been doing community service at a community library called Lubuto.

Lubuto Library is located within a government school called Ngwerere Basic School. It is open to both students within the school and also those from others schools within the community.

My first experience at Lubuto was working as a librarian. Through the help of the Lubuto staff members I was able to get familiar with not only my work but also the children that came to the library. I learned to place books on shelves accordingly and to read stories to the children during storytime.

Aside from working in the library, I have recently been working in the children’s computer room. I help children doing lessons on mini-learning laptops, teach them how to write their name and other tasks.

During my experience up to now, I have learned not only to give to others but also learn from others. Learning is a two-way street; one has to give and also receive knowledge. I have also learned to know and accept every child differently. Children on different character come to the library hence it’s my duty to respect them and their personalities. Some are slow learns and others are fast learners.

I have also learned to be social and friendly in a professional environment, interacting with Lubuto staff members.

Additionally, I have had the privilege to interact with people around the community during an activity the library carries out called “outreach.” During this activity, two staff members at Lubuto go into the community to read stories to kids, thereby encouraging them to come to the library.

All in all I really appreciate the privilege I have received being able to help in the community and to bring about positive change in the little that I do.
Rosa assisting a student at Lubuto Library