Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Experience at the African Leadership Academy

Jeffrey Kanyama
The African Leadership Academy is a world of its own. When you are new to the Academy, it’s very weird. There are a lot of things one does not know and it seems hard to know them. As time passes by, one familiarizes with the place and the people itself.

It seems very weird at the beginning staying with people that speak different languages, different religions, beliefs and values. During my stay at the Academy, I have learnt to appreciate other peoples' views and being enlightened about all kinds of religions and beliefs.

My greatest challenge was stress at the Academy. If one does not know to how to handle time management, he or she can think ALA is the worst experience ever. School background plays an important role in a way that it is hard to adapt to a busy place like ALA. The school is aware that most first years are challenged when they come, so they offer lessons on time management and the lessons have been helpful.

ALA is a factory of opportunities that is not biased about which opportunities to offer. Everyone is accommodated in the opportunities. It is the first time I am in a school where they take my interests seriously. For instance, music is respected and given attention at the Academy. I am in the ALA band and we intend to do an Album that will feature all kinds of musicians and including people that play instruments, vocalists, choir members and others.

I have always loved to do sport Gymnastics in particular. The school does not offer Gymnastics but I still do it as a recreational sports. I play volleyball which is totally new to me but I am enjoying it. I also do soccer as a recreational sport on the weekends on the quad with many other people in love with soccer.

Lastly I would describe my experience as challenging, a lot of fun, discovering who I am and what I like.