Monday, May 14, 2012


Pennious Mumba
"I want to have a bicycle one day." This was one of the lines in the chorus of the song I sang during my childhood. I have wanted to have one of those machines since some ages back. When I heard that KF was going to give each graduate a bike, I started promising people to visit them. Eventually, I got a bike of my own, for this year at least, and I was very excited. I just did not show it for fear that Mark would think I am too excited to go back home cycling. I did not want anyone to burst my bubble. Without much hesitation, I bid Mark and Mrs. Nkowane good bye and dragged my bike from Arcaded Shopping center. As soon as I was on 'cycleable' ground, I got on my bike. I wanted to go everywhere, but had no idea where to start from. Some ten minutes of doubt and slow cycling was all I needed to realize that I was expected back home. Finally, I had a starting point.

The bikes that KF gave us have helped us tremendously with respect to mobility. When I sit on my saddle, it feels like a throne. I can sit there all day until my legs begin to ache.

It isn't all good stories when it comes to the bike. I have had a few sad moments as well. There was a time when I went to Avondale to deliver a friend's certificates that he'd left at my work place. On my way home, I had a tire burst. I could not ride the bike nor drag it all the way home. I had no phone with which I could call my hero, Mark Adams, thus, I left it there and boarded a bus back home. Later that night, mum said she missed the bike. I did not respond; I had no words.

The following morning, I went to work and I was late by more than thirty minutes. I was tired and my shoes were dusty. Had I a bike that day, none of that would have happened. I missed it so much.

I really recommend KF for this decision. The bikes have made our movements a whole lot easier. I can get to my work place some thirty minutes earlier than before I got the bike. I can get to Arcades in less than twenty minutes, provided the traffic is good, and not worry about brushing my shoes before beginning our always-fruitful KF monthly meetings. It has allowed us to tutor the younger KF students without worrying about the distance. I only wonder how I will feel when handing the bike over to KF. Off the record, I doubt I will do it peacefully.