Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Gap Year, So Far

Japhet Phiri
I have begun my gap year with a lot of interesting activities. For example, our community service project, which is providing free basic education to children in our community, and offering tuitions to our fellow Kucetekela Foundation students. I have also started a full time job at an internet cafe. As my first full time job I have already learned a great deal about time management, responsibility and professionalism. This job has also either taught me or helped me improve on many skills such as the following:

1. Typing
2. Printing
3. Binding
4. Laminating
5. Faxing
6. Scanning
7. Making cards, invitations and passport-size photos
8. Photocopying
9. Helping troubleshoot computer problems
10. Creating e-mail addresses
11. Burning music, files, video and pictures
12. Formatting and scanning memory cards and flash drives
13. Putting information onto flash drives and recovering lost information
14. Formatting a computer
15. Installing software
16. How to make receipts
17. Handling money has taught importance of honesty and responsibility

This is to mention just a few examples of what I'm learning from this job. These skills will be useful for future jobs and education. I just want to say thank you very much to KF for helping me receive my education and teaching me to have a heart for helping other people. I wish more Blessings and achievements for Kucetekela Foundation.

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