Monday, November 10, 2014

KF Actors and Actresses Shine in Oliver Twist

As part of the annual Barefeet festival this year, the students at Pestalozzi Educational Center have spent their weekends memorizing lines and practicing songs for a performance of Oliver Twist. After a competitive round of auditions, a handful of Kucetekela Foundation students were rewarded for their talents with main roles:

·      Christian as Oliver Twist (in cast one), the main character.
·      Emmanuel as Oliver Twist (in cast two), the main character.
·      Ased as Mr. Bumble, the cruel and pompous head of the orphanage.
·      Jackson as Bill Sikes, the notorious ‘career criminal’ of Fagin’s gang.
·      Metrina as Nancy, the lover and eventual victim of Bill Sikes.
·      Nelly as Charlotte, the daughter of the undertakers who buys Oliver. 
·      Martin as the Chairperson, who runs the pub. 

Other KF students were involved in the performance by singing in the choir. This includes Mutinta, Nathan, Rabecca and Simangele in Grade 9, and Rosa and Grace in Grade 12. 

After a busy few months of rehearsals, the show d├ębuted on the evening of August 22nd, with two more performances the following day. Each show drew a full crowd, who watched eagerly as the students laughed, cried, sang and danced on stage. All the Pestalozzi students did a great job, but we are especially proud of the KF students who worked hard to receive notable positions and performed flawlessly on stage! Bravo!

 Ased (in blue) helping toss Christian (in air) into the 'coffin'

 Ased (left) and Christian (right)


 Martin (right) performing

 Jackson (left) performing

 Christian singing a solo

 Christian (left) and Ased (right) during the finale

 One of the many dance routines

 Emmanuel (right) as Oliver 

Metrina (left) singing

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