Friday, January 30, 2015

From KF to College Graduation- Japhet Phiri

Japhet installing computers for NetOne
My name is Japhet Phiri. I am a male aged 22 years old. I was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. I did my Basic and Primary Education at Chibelo Basic School. In 2006 when I was doing my seventh grade, just after I wrote my mock exams, results came out. I passed number two in my class. After a couple months,  KF came at to our school and asked to speak to the pupils who managed to get the first, second, and third position in each Grade 7 class (there were 5 classes at the time). Among this group I was then chosen to write exams administered by KF. We were told that the students who performed best would be given a five year sponsorship from Grade 8 to 12. After receiving these results,  I was picked by KF as one of the pupils to be sponsored. Mrs. Nkowane came to Kalikiliki Compound, where she found me at my father's shop. I closed the shop and took her home so that she could meet my parents, and she told my parents "your son has been picked to be sponsored by KF." My parents and I were very happy that day.

KF as done a lot of great and wonderful things in my life. KF assisted me in so many ways-  paid for all my school fees, gave me pocket money, bought me clothes, smart shoes, casual shoes to wear, textbooks; they took us to a tuition center, gave us tutoring at schools; and during holidays we would go for a movie, camping and come together us the entire KF so that we all get to know each other. Additionally, KF has also taught us to be hard working, focus and learn to be  responsible for your own actions. KF does not want to see any one they have sponsored to be left alone- they want you be in touch and they always give us the support, encouragement, guidance and motivation that will build your life. I do not have so much to give as a person but I pray to the almighty God that he will reward KF for all the wonderful things they have done in each person’s life.

Since KF I have been enrolled at the National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA) here in Lusaka, Zambia. I have completed a Diploma in Information Systems and Programming and am working on my advanced diploma in the same field. I have also begun working full-time at NetOne, Zambia's largest IT-data firm, working as an assistant support engineer. 

In the future, with more hands on experience, I see myself becoming an IT Manager, Network Administrator or Programmer.  

Japhet Phiri.

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