Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life After Grade 12

Whilst in secondary and high school, students, more than anything else, have their minds fixed on completing Grade 12.  This goal comes with a lot of fantasies about how awesome their lives will be in society, with all the freedom and no tests or homework to do.  In reality, many of us look back to the high school years and wish that all would be loosely as it was then.  Regarding college and university, depending on getting lucky with a chance of a scholarship comes with a lot of emotions, most of them discouraging.  Although this maybe so, our determination to reach our goals keeps us trying: one after another, sometimes failure after failure. 

However, no experience comes without a lesson.  This lesson is to strive to be the best of oneself, an original and unique version of you.  It is also that when one door closes, another opens.  There is always a fitting place for everyone.  Finally, it is always a struggle.  In fact, it has always been and we should never be discouraged by any of these.  Academic achievement is not always enough.  To get lucky, you sometimes have to go further than academics.  This is my encouragement to all aspiring scholarship recipients.  

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