Friday, August 31, 2012

Project Literacy

Sonia teaching students at the Kalikiliki Literacy Project

Completing high school was so exciting.  I couldn’t wait for the day, but it finally came.  Most people, pupils rather, at my school were looking forward to being in society and forget about all the pressure which comes from school, like getting up early and doing all of our assignments.

A lot of my friends were talking about the plans they had for their gap year.  This included finding jobs, doing computer courses, and some talked about going somewhere on vacation.  Well, for me it was a whole different story.  With the help of the Kucetekela Foundation, my two friends Abram and Japhet and I decided to continue the literacy project we started while we were still in school.  This project is based in Kalikiliki compound.  Many thought it was not a good idea, but it’s actually awesome to help out in the community.  At first we had difficulties with accommodation, but thanks a million times to KF and Egmont Trust for paying for rent at the new building where I teach the kids from. 

Being a graduate is both exciting and challenging, so make the right choices for your gap year!

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