Thursday, March 28, 2013


It has been just over a year since I graduated from high school and so many things have changed. Many of the changes have been overwhelming. All the things that have happened since I graduated have taught to me to either let go, hold on or try a different route.
In May 2012, I was admitted to the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was very excited about this opportunity then and I still am.  ALA is a different learning environment that encourages self discovery and self growth. I must say that I have grown a great deal since I came to the academy. And I believe that many every young person should be allowed this growth. I encourage you to apply to ALA guys.
The vigorous curriculum at the academy has helped me to discover new limits for myself. I can effectively manage a heavy academic load and an equally heavy load of extra curricular activities like competitive sports and networking with the wide range of talented students, faculty and guests that visit the academy. More importantly I have been equipped with entrepreneurial leadership skills; more than ever, I feel I am not limited by the constraints in my community with regards to bringing about positive change. I see every problem as an opportunity.
I will never thank kucetekela foundation enough for impacting my life positively and for making me into a limitless youth. I would also like to encourage every Kf student to pursue the opportunities before them. Stretch your hands as far reaching as you can. Remember every change teaches one of these three things: let go, hold on or try another route. Just be clear that letting go does not mean you are a failure, it only means an opportunity to try something new.
Thank you Kucetekela Foundation!!!

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