Thursday, September 12, 2013


Internship is one way a person can give back to the community or any organisation and services that you offer are temporary. It’s awesome as a young person viewing what a successful work place looks like and getting to know its insight operations. It is so interesting to work with elderly persons as one gets to learn etiquettes which are important in any firm.
As a first KF student to be offered this prestigious position, I feel honoured and great because through this work experience, I am able to determine what I will do after graduating. From my experience, I think this is my field because I enjoy what I do because it is in line with my Career choice and that is why I want to pursue a degree in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

As an Intern who is from the Kucetekela Foundation Programme, I carry out responsibilities which require me to work closely with KF students in both Schools. My duties include assigning posts to Alumni and Gap Year Students, typing and posting to, work with students to complete each terms Newsletter, setting up of KF Alumni database and working with Alumni to come up with ways they can contribute to KF, monitoring and evaluation of the Peer Tutoring programme, teach Junior Pestalozzi Students, attend staff meetings, work with the Kalikiliki Literacy Project and help to analyse applications from the recruitment procedure.
This has given me a vast experience on how to conduct myself in a work place. I have also grown intellectually and not only did it provide me an opportunity to learn the insight operations of the organisation but has given me the desire to come and work for Kucetekela Foundation and continue to carry its mission and vision forward in order to develop the next generation especially mother Zambia and the world at large.
At the moment, I am looking forward to tertiary education. Thank you
Kucetekela Foundation for providing me with this Internship position and for been with me up to this time.

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