Friday, August 9, 2013


Gap year is simply the period between the completion of Secondary School and the entry to College or University. As a KF scholar, gap year allows me to do many things rather than just sitting at home doing nothing or working.
Firstly, it has enabled me to pay back to the Community for the scholarship I received from Kucetekela Foundation. This I have done by taking part in a Community Service project called Kalikiliki Literacy project. I play the role of a teacher and I have been able to impart some of the knowledge I received from School on the vulnerable children in Kalikiliki who cannot afford to go into formal schools. I was very enthusiastic when I began this project and I feel very humbled that I have been able to help out a kid out there.
Other than the project, I have also had the opportunity to write some academic applications for scholarships, so that if God-willing I can go further and pursue my Tertiary education. Writing applications is never an easy thing to do, but one can be best assured that it is totally exciting and appreciable. It helps one bring out his or her best on paper as a way of selling his or herself. I have written a total of four applications since I began my gap year and I considered it a great achievement by three of the Organisations I applied to. Unfortunately, I am in the position to have to decline some of the offers I have been given so that I can go to one institution.
I must mention that applying for scholarships is one intense programme which requires ones’ seriousness and hard work. I have had to take several examinations before any admittance, most of which were a little stressful but worth it.
Hence as just a piece of information, I would like to tell those that are in their final year that grade twelve is not the end of your studying, you might have to continue even just after your examinations. More importantly, I would like to urge and encourage everyone to continue working hard because your grade twelve results and other academic transcripts are a key to unlocking many great opportunities.


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