Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Having gone to Ibex Hill School for my Secondary Education, I excelled academically and finally graduated with a division one pass in my final year. After my graduation, my quality education which I was made to have by Kucetekela Foundation finally began to pay off. The starting point was the time when I started doing Community Service.
Being part of the scholarship helped me gain life skills from workshops and a Community Retreat we had at Ndubaluba. Using the communication skills and confidence that I acquired, I am able to work with intrigue at a Private Medical Centre. If not had for me to deal with big people in society because I know that I have the knowledge.
I am working as a Receptionist and a File Manager. My boss is so proud to have me work for her. Above all, I love the job that I am doing because it gives me the experience that I need like how to conduct oneself at a working place and I have learnt so many etiquettes and I appreciate a lot. 
I feel so grateful to Kucetekela Foundation for making me the person I am today and for making me realise that there is more to life than just our ambitions.
Finally, I am so hoping to start my Tertiary Education at the University of Zambia and I can see myself becoming a lecturer already and I look forward to work with Kucetekela Foundation.

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